There are many troubling pitfalls sponsorís encounter when administering a retirement plan. Whitney Group is a fee paid adviser. Our only allegiance is to our clients. Our fees are transparent and we help clients understand the fees of others involved in their plans.

Our clients hire us to ensure their plans and the education of their employees are taken off the assembly line when needed. We listen. Our clientsí plans receive regular, thoughtful review and are continually realigned with each organizationís current outlook.

Independence and Flexibility - Whitney Group does not have any particular ties to one organization. We are an independent firm  We do not trend toward one size fits all designs. We treat each client individually. We resist the temptation to homogenize processes and experiences for our clients. Our clients use our firm to ensure that their plan gets the individual consideration required to service their employees as a distinct set of individuals.

Value - We offer a complete set of services. Our independent and boutique structure permits us to tailor services and costs. We provide only what is valuable to clients. This makes the amount of time and expertise we deliver stack up extremely well in the marketplace.